Veteran Goes BALLISTIC On Pokemon Go Players At Memorial Park And He Is My Hero

Pokemon Go has been a hit, but there have been some issues with people looking to catch’em all at memorials. There was outrage when Pokemon players invaded the 9/11 memorial, a Holocaust museum, and the Hiroshima memorial in Japan. When Pokemon Go players took over a memorial for veterans, one man lost his shit.

Pokemon Go players set up a tent at a veterans memorial in Winona, Minnesota on Thursday. While they didn’t catch Porygon, they did catch veteran Bruce Reed in a furious mood over people intruding into the memorial.

“These are like fucking gravestones right there,” the vet screams as he points to a memorial. Then the cameraman responds to the vet by saying, “No it’s not.”

Bad move. Very bad move.

The veteran slaps the cameraphone to the ground.

Then the amped up vet looks right into the camera and yells, “Take my fucking picture, yeah it was Bruce fucking Reed.”

When the cameraperson is a fucking wise ass and tells the vet that it’s not a picture, but rather a video recording Bruce fucking Reed snaps back, “Yeah, go ahead record it. Can you record it when I fucking knock ya out? Ya gonna record your own knockout?”

The cameraperson asks, “Do you want to go to jail?” Apparently, the cameraman doesn’t understand that this is Bruce fucking Reed. “I don’t care if I go to jail or not,” Bruce fucking Reed responds in a thick Minnesotan accent.

Then another Pokemon player taunts Bruce fucking Reed by making a comment about his daughter. Bruce fucking Reed gets in the face of the shithead and makes him to flinch when he looks ready to fight. Bruce fucking Reed had to be pushed away by a fellow vet to stop him from cleaning the punk’s clock.

Bruce fucking Reed has had enough of these turdbuckets and tackles a huge tent. Yes. Bruce fucking Reed tackled a goddamn tent.

Bruce fucking Reed then calls the cameraperson a “little fucker,” then with his fists clenched he gets in his face again. The cameraperson informs Bruce fucking Reed that he is underage, to which the furious vet responds by screaming, “I DON’T GIVE A FUCK IF YOU’RE UNDERAGE OR NOT! I’M 68, SO GO AHEAD!”

Classic Bruce fucking Reed.

The original disrespectful clown says, “You fought for right of speech.” To which Bruce fucking Reed said, “You didn’t fight for it didya?!?!”

At the 4:15 mark police arrive at the tense scene. Then the cameraperson begins burping, which doesn’t really add much to the experience. The last two minutes of the video are pretty uneventful, mostly because there are no appearances by Bruce fucking Reed.

The moral of the story is don’t play Pokemon Go at memorials and definitely don’t piss off Bruce fucking Reed.