VIDEO: All Of The Fights, Rioting, Property Damage, And Flash Bangs From President Trump’s Inauguration

DisruptJ20, anti-capitalist black bloc groups, anti-Trump protesters, and other anarchists attempted to bring the ruckus in Washington D.C. in an attempt to disrupt President Donald J. Trump’s inauguration on Friday. While most protesters were peaceful (especially considering how many hundreds of thousands of people with polar opposite views were crammed in one place), there were many rioters that used all means necessary to cause chaos.

They smashed out windows to a limo.

They smashed out windows to a Starbucks and a Bank of America.

They even busted up am Au Bon Pain. No croissants for capitalists.

In other words, window fitters are gonna make a killing this week.

They not only knocked down two newspaper dispensers.

But THREE newspaper dispensers.

Watch out for these guys.

And nothing hammers home your agenda quite like vandalizing the board of education building.

They don’t even respect Pokemon-themed STD advertisements at bus stops.

The situation deteriorated into a literal garbage fire.

You would think that anti-capitalists would embrace an incoming President who is so often linked to Russia.

Fights broke out between Bikers for Trump and protesters.

Police countered by pepper spraying rioters and flash bangs.

Protesters and police played hot potato with concussion grenades.

Protesters also blocked I-395.

The protesters blocked many checkpoints even for these men wearing Air Force uniforms.

Even PETA got out there to protest the inauguration for some reason.

Then there was this gentleman who took the inauguration especially hard.