Can You Make It Through The Entire Video Of A Moose Carcass Being Devoured By An AVALANCHE Of Maggots?

While everyone waxes poetically about the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly, the metamorphosis of maggots to flies are generally seen as disgusting. Flies have bad PR. Maggots are critical for the circle of life and preventing diseases. In fact, throughout history and even today when modern antibiotics can’t cure something such as MRSA, doctors may use maggots to eat the infected tissue.

Maggots are fly larvae, which are typically laid in rotting meat or even an open wound on a human (As seen here in this girl’s gums). This is so when they hatch they have some yummy treats so they can become big and strong maggots. They are basically nature’s garbage pick-up. However, when you get THOUSANDS of maggots it can be a rather disturbing sight.

We take you to Norway, where a woman found a moose calf carcass in the forest close to her home. She visits the scene of death several times to document the INSANE amount of maggots that are devouring the moose. It’s just a sea of nasty little maggots devouring rotting flesh.

It would be a shame if you were eating lunch right now. Especially something with rice. A damn shame.