People Are Spazzing Out Over Video Of What Looks Like A Pterodactyl Flying Over Idaho

In other news, people are idiots. Sure this video really looks like a pterodactyl is flying around somewhere above Boise, Idaho, but c’mon folks, get a grip. Pterodactyls, or pterosaurs as they’re properly called, have not existed for over 65 million years. 65 MILLION, people.

Thankfully, not everyone is so gullible. Meaning scientists and shit.

Reports the Idaho State Journal

Dr. Leif Tapanila, a paleontologist and director of the Idaho Museum of Natural History, isn’t surprised that the film has captured attention.

“Everyone loves monsters, and a giant flying reptile sure would be cool to see for real. ‘Jurassic World’ was a massive success because people are excited to imagine how we might interact with these amazing beasts,” he said.

Still, he was far from convinced by the film.

“This video made me laugh out loud,” he said.

Tapanila noted that it’s easy for anyone with basic skills and a computer to combine blurry images and make such a film.

“The Internet is full of outlandish videos,” he stated.

Indeed it is, Dr. Leif. Indeed it is.

Still, it’d be cool if it was real, right?

Of course, the comments on the video might be even better than the video itself, because like I said, people are idiots.

Please tell me this guy is trolling…

This doesn’t surprise me at all, this not the first one that’s been spotted, along with other kinds of dinosaurs. People that think this is fake, boy are you in for a wake up call. There will be many more coming, when the gates open. Who do you think created them & why do you think they were gone? Some never left by the way, stop believing in what you been told. Do research on them in the truth movement, you might find some things you don’t want to believe. Get right with GOD & pray you fly with the bride, you been warned. GOD bless.

He’s trolling, right? Right?