This Video Claims To Show The First Moments U.S. Navy Sailors Are Captured By Iran And It’s TENSE



As I’m sure most of you bros have heard by now, yesterday 10 U.S. Navy Sailors were taken captive by the Iranian military, this morning they’ve been released. Just moments ago Secretary of State John Kerry held a press conference to state that our Seaman have been returned safely to their ships, and the ordeal (for now) is done according to the White House….Not so fast though, this video shows the tense moments immediately after Iran detained the U.S. sailors, with U.S. Sailors holding their hands behind their heads as if they were prisoners, and Iranian soldiers wielding guns:


As I’m typing this out I’m watching MSNBC and they’re stating that Iran taking video of these ‘prisoners’ was a severe violation of the Geneva Convention. The video of sailors with their hands held behind their heads and the subsequent photos of the sailors being held in some sort of an Iranian prison room.

This is all fishy as fuck when you take into consideration that the nuclear proliferation deal between the United States and Iran is set to be finalized this week. In that context this becomes some shit straight out of Spy Game, and I have to think that Iran was forced to bend over at the last minute otherwise their extremely favorable deal would never have gone through…This story is still developing though, as Governors and Senators are coming forth to give statements on how our U.S. servicemen were handled by Iran. (h/t @abasinfo twitter)

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