Want To Make Bank, Bro? These Degrees Earn The Highest Salaries On Wall Street

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If you wanna make bank, bro, there’s only one degree that stands out as the most lucrative for finance professionals. According to Business Insider, a salary-benchmarking site called “Emolument” gathered data on 840 finance professionals in New York at the analyst, associate, vice president, and director levels and looked at which degrees earned them the most money.

Here’s a breakdown of Wall Street salaries by degree…

Did anyone ever doubt that executive MBA and MBA holders earn the most moolah? If you want to buy and sell the ultimate bro palace for a cool $24 million like a character from Wolf of Wall Street, or own the 1991 Ferrari that THE Wolf of Wall Street – Jordan Belfort – drove, you now know which paper to get before you get paper. It also helps to know how to dress for success.

While pulling down half a mil a year is cool, a little over a quarter mil per ain’t too shab either. My Master of Arts degree is straight up underachieving. The closest I come to that kinda money is when I watch Billions on Showtime.

Would I trade places with this Wall Streeter who was a millionaire at 19, stole Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend, and lost it all by age 24? Well, I could probably earn that back in book sales and movie rights, so YAS. Way better than getting axed for sending interns an email about the 10 commandments of Wall Streetin’. Lame sauce.

Via Business Insider