Remember That Wall Street Bro Who Sent Barclays’ Interns A 10 Commandments Email? Yeah, He Gone.

by 5 years ago


Well, well, well… I think we all saw this meteoric fall coming for Barclays banker Bro Justin Kwan. How else was Barclays supposed to respond to his frat-tastic, hazing email to their summer interns?  They had no choice but to fire him. They needed to make an example of someone and the perfect someone was the exact jerk off who sent the email in the first place.

What sucks worse for Kwan is that he was set to leave Barclays soon. He had a new gig lined up at The Carlyle Group, presumably for more money, because that’s why people leave companies. DUH.

Anyway, according to Gawker, The Carlyle Group caught wind of Kwan’s email and also decided to sack him.

Kwan, though, according to our source, was set to leave Barclays at some point this summer anyway for a job at the prestigious asset management firm The Carlyle Group. But after the email fiasco, The Carlyle Group preemptively fired him, leaving him out two gigs. (Through a spokesperson, The Carlyle Group declined comment.) Because he was fired from Barclays, our source tells us, Kwan also will not get the bonus that he was scheduled to receive upon leaving the bank.

The culture in Barclays’ global power and utilities group may not change with Kwan’s firing, but the company needed a sacrificial lamb. They should probably fire everyone involved with such actions, but instead they decided to kill the messenger. They needed the PR nightmare to go away and firing Kwan made it seem like they give a shit about the mistreatment(and I use that term loosely) of their interns.

I assure you, they don’t. Someone, somewhere, knew these college kids were being mistreated (still loosely) and they didn’t do anything.

As much as we joke about what is transpiring from someone sending an email he shouldn’t have sent, the punishment here didn’t fit the crime. Twelve minutes from now, no one will remember his email existed. Those who do…they won’t give a shit. Someone should give this dude another job (provided he’s not actually an all-world cocksucker). He, along with a slew of other people at Barclays, hazed a few interns and he’s the only one who’s entire career we’re burning at the fucking stake. Doesn’t seem fair.

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