RAWR! FEMALE NEWSCASTER CAT FIGHT: Who Did Katie Couric Say Gives Blowies For Interviews?

In a STARTLING new revelation, Katie Couric is claiming ]acclaimed newscaster Diane Sawyer dished out some serious top piece to score an A-list interview.

In a book titled ‘The News Sorority‘ (Which, an aside: good work on the demeaning title. Up top. Can’t let women in careers forget that they are women), author Sheila Weller dropped this GD bombshell.

Among the surprising stories is Katie Couric’s response to Diane Sawyer landing a much-sought-after 2004 interview with the 56-year-old woman (she was three days short of 57) who gave birth to twins: “I wonder who she blew this time to get it.”

DIANE SAWYER BLEW A CHICK? Juicy. Or the mom lady’s PR person. Who could be a chick. With a dick. Or it could be a dude. Or just an expression. A joke people make. Without sexual/career connotations. People say it to me all the time. Who did you blow to get a job at BroBible? The answer is, of course, the Bros.

Haha. No. Whatever. It’s not meant to be demeaning. But still, Katie Couric’s people are not taking this lying down. (Incidentally, that’s how Katie Couric scores her interviews. Up top x 2).

A rep for Couric declined to comment on the allegation, but a source close to the global anchor for Yahoo News said this, “It’s sad that‎ the author and her PR team continue to alienate their target audience by relying on classic anti-feminist caricatures, tabloid-like misrepresentations and outright falsehoods about these three extraordinary women. Thankfully all three of them have survived and thrived after dealing with far worse than a couple of gossip items.”

Ridiculous, right? Katie Couric works for Yahoo?

[Image via what’s most likely a shitty book]