Woman Loses A Kidney After Tinder Date But It Was Really All Her Idea

Rich O’Dea went on a Tinder date with Jennifer Thomas. They went to an Imagine Dragons concert, enjoyed each others company and that was about it. No sparks flew or fireworks popped off. It was a decent time.

The most important thing to come from the date wasn’t a Dragons t-shirt. It was a kidney.

The date ended up being more than just a wonderful time—it also impacted the lives of Rich’s best friends, Scott and Erika Bragan. When Rich mentioned that his friend Erika was in desperate need of a new kidney, Jennifer was immediately empathetic. Like Erika, she too is a mother, and it simply made her want to help.

Erika had been on the kidney transplant list for almost three years. A week after their date, Jennifer texted Rich to see if there was a way to determine whether she could be a possible donor match. Of all the random texts someone could receive one week following a first date, this has to be the best one in history.

As luck would have it, Erika and Jennifer were a match. So, Rich went over to her house, sliced her open and took her kidney. No? Maybe I should have read the whole story. Let’s see…

The timing was extremely helpful, as Erika’s kidney function was down to 5%. Surgery for the kidney donation is now set for November 18. While Rich and Jennifer weren’t a romantic match, Jennifer is now a dear friend and crucial part of the Bragan family.

Ok, well, no mention of an actual doctor doing the operation but I guess we’ll just assume the procedure was done legally and in a hospital. I just always imagine Tinder dates ending with people slicing and kidney stealing.

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