Woman On Tinder Goes COMPLETELY Mental After Bro Cancels Their Date, Sending Him One Psycho Text After Another



We’ve all been there, all fired up for our first date with someone. Hope springs eternal and all that shit. Then they cancel. Fuck. That sucks. We get it.

However…for one woman on Tinder it was obviously a bit more than she could bear and the texts she proceeded to fire off show that this bro on Reddit dodged one seriously psycho bullet when he decided he had to cancel the date.

As one commenter pointed out, “A bullet? He dodged a nuclear missile headed right up his ass.”

The topper is that the last photo was from a completely different phone number so she sent those first set of texts and still wasn’t satisfied she’d done enough. Wow.

Then again, there was this guy who commented, “Sounds like my kind of girl. Think she still needs a date?”

It takes all kinds, I suppose.

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