Meet Bertie, The Fastest Turtle In Three Freaking Decades

Once in a generation talents tend to come along once in a generation. Think Michael Johnson in 1996. At U.S. Olympic Trials, he ran a 19.66 in the 200 meters, shattering a record that had stood since 1979 (then he blew that out of the water in Atlanta with a 19.32). His transcendent performance stood for 12 years, until a newcomer by the name of Usain Bolt came along in 2008.

Both are rare, insanely talented, athletic freaks, and we probably won’t see another like them for a good decade or so.

Bertie the Turtle knows what that’s like. While Johnson and Bolt broke records that had stood for 17 and 12 years respectively, our boy BTT broke a record that has been on the books since 1977. He now stands alone as the world’s fastest turtle.

His top speed of 0.6 mph put him in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Look at that turtle fly.

And his favorite snack is strawberries.

[Via CNN]