What If There Was A Yoga Specifically For Us Bros? Introducing Broga!

by 5 years ago

There is a misconception that yoga is a girl activity. Even though some of the manliest and greatest male athletes in the world do yoga including LeBron James, Ray Lewis, Victor Cruz and Kevin Garnett gets his downward-facing dog on. But it’s not just athletes trying yoga for a competitive advantage. Even our very own David Covucci, who you probably wouldn’t classify as a world-class athlete, attempted a yoga-like activity called Pure Bare. In only 55-minutes, the excruciating exercise left him as “used, abused and denigrated.”

There’s benefits to yoga including seeing girls in yoga pants, talking to girls in yoga pants, going for a drink after your class with girls in yoga pants and various other reasons that don’t actually include girls in yoga pants, which you can read here.

However I think one of the problems with yoga is the language. They use a lexicon that may intimidate men because they are simply not familiar with them. Terms such as Mantra, Namaste, Chakra, Shakti and Sutras all sound exotic and alien.

Then the poses all sound so very childish; Cow Face, Extended Puppy, Feathered Peacock and Half Frog. These could easily be a list of yoga poses or the titles of the top children’s books right now.

But what if we could bro it up a bit? Make it easy to understand with language and things that we hold dear to us. San Francisco-based artist Hannah Rothstein did just that. She took typical yoga poses and combined them with guy culture to bring you, Broga.

Yoga revolving around shit I like like beer, sports, friends and gaming? That sounds like something I’d be interested in.

She details her project on her website:

With a lifestyle of pounding beers, impressing chicks, and getting yolked, there’s no one that needs to bliss out more than bros. To make enlightenment accessible to the brotastic brethren, this new workout craze adapts yoga to the bro culture. So grab a mat, settle into Manchild’s pose, and prepare to channel the mantra of Broga: Breathe in, bro out.

Check out these made for bros poses.

Video Gamekasana

Beer Pong Lunge 

Chest Bump Moon


Linebacker II

Wrecked Doll

Shitfaceasana or Corpse Pose

You can see all of the broga poses here.

[hrothstein.com via HuffPo]