Video Proclaims To Be The ‘Best Street Fight Of 2017’ (Probably Isn’t) But The Commentary Is Really Something

Tomorrow will be March 1st (Where does the time go?). Looking back, we’ve had some pretty entertaining fights already in the first two months of 2017. We had the street fight with the crazy ending, who could forget the badass Brazilian chick catching her man cheating, the catfight where the chick lost her dress, that drunken Philly brawl, the Waffle House melee between coworkers, and the dude who fucked with the wrong hombre and paid dearly. So I was a little skeptical about this video which is titled “Best Street Fight Of 2017.” Bold proclamation. Let’s see if it can measure up to these other recent classics.

The man behind the camera was just chilling inside his house when a fight broke outside. He rushed outside with his trusty cameraphone in hand to capture the melee. While recording one fight, another fight broke out. The cameraman then attempted to run back and forth to cover both fights.

He then says, “I’m tryin’ to be a good cameraman!” Well, a good cameraman would record a brawl in landscape and not portrait. But I respect his effort in trying to cover all of the fisticuffs.

He’s not your typical street fight commentator. Instead of screaming “WORLDSTAR!!!,” he encourages all of the fighters to fight for their house. He’s not really a commentator, but rather a hypeman/cornerman. You also have to respect his encouraging words to the “fighters” to push themselves to their limits.

This is a fine fight video, but not Best Fight of 2017. In my opinion, that title is still held by cinematic masterpiece that is this Austin catfight where there were titties poppin’ out.