Who Sings Better In Exchange For Snacks: This Zebra Or Mariah Carey?

This zebra sucks at singing, but then again so does Mariah Carey and I’m not sure which one does a better job. On one hand, the zebra at least made me chuckle. On the same hand but on like the other half of it, Mariah Carey made my ears bleed during her 2014 Rockefeller Center performance of “All I Want For Christmas Is You”:

So who’s got better pipes, the zebra or Mariah? I’m gonna have to go with the zebra. Mariah probably gets top-tier snacks like rotisserie chicken and chocolate covered strawberries backstage after she sings whereas the zebra only gets shitty bits of kibble, and yet the zebra STILL sounds better than her. Apparently it’s not all about the snacks when it comes to vocal prowess, although the zebra probably doesn’t give a hoot whether it’s eating kibble or grass. Zebra FTW.