This Terrifyingly Awesome Zombie Containment Unit Is The Most Bad-Ass Halloween Prop Ever

GEEEET the fuck outta here with your fake spider webs, plastic tombstones and shitty animatronic witches that only move their arms and do the same unrealistic cackle that repeats over and over again. It’s 2015, up your fucking Halloween decorating game with this extraordinary zombie containment unit.

Roy Mueller created this frightening chamber that appears to have locked up a very, very enraged zombie inside who about to bust out at any second. The irate undead for the zombie containment unit was made by Hi-Rez Designs.

Rick Grimes and his The Walking Dead crew would have been eaten alive in the first episode if the zombies were this feisty.

How tremendous would it be to plant this fear factory on your front lawn on October 31st and just watch as 9-year-old brats shit their little Minecraft Halloween costumes from sheer terror?