Zoo Attendance Gushes Because Women Flock To See ‘Handsome Gorilla’

This 18-year-old silverback gorilla is driving the ladies crazy with his devilishly good looks and bulging muscles (Insert crappy “Women go ape over gorilla” pun here _____________). Shabani the gorilla was raised at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo in Australia, and is now wowing female zoogoers at the Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Nagoya, Japan.

Shabani has been at the zoo since 2007, but only in the past few months has he become a “sex symbol.” Zoo officials said there had been a notable increase in young female visitors thanks to Shabani. He is also a heartthrob celebrity on Twitter and Instagram where fans have been posting photos of the gorilla. ladies claim that he is “too handsome,” and nicknamed him “ikemen,” which means a “good-looking man.”

He plays to the camera quite well and displays his good side.

He knows what he’s doing, casually showing off the guns.


Kinda seems like beastiality to me.


My bad.

Carry on with your primate love.