Scott Van Pelt Thinks Tiger Woods Needs To Embrace His Hair Loss, Go Fully Bald

scott van pelt tiger woods bald

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Scott Van Pelt recently joined the Rippin’ It podcast and among the many interesting topics and stories that came up during the conversation, he and Harold Varner III got on the topic of hair loss. HV3 admitted that he’s beginning to lose his hair which prompted Van Pelt to talk about another professional golfer battling hair loss, Tiger Woods.

Van Pelt knows a thing or two about the bald life and shared that he believes Woods needs to come join the team, embrace his hair loss, and go fully bald.

“You want to restore it? I got no issue with anybody who wants to do whatever, however he wants to do it,” Van Pelt explained. “You want to hang on and fight for dear life? Go ahead. I had Tiger on the show and I finally just called him out. I’m like ‘bro, what are you doing with your hair? When are you coming home? You gotta come home.’ I said ‘I am your GPS. Look at me. I am where you are going.'”

“You could delay it, try to take a couple u-turns and you could try to drive around the block a few times, but this is home, bro.”

Obviously, Woods getting healthy again and recovering from his recent car crash is priority number one at the moment, but just imagine if he does make yet another comeback and shocks the world with a fully bald head. What a sight that would be.

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