The Visual Representation Of Big E’s Daily Calorie Intake To Become One Of The Strongest Powerlifters In The World Is Preposterous

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  • WWE’s Big E became one of the strongest men on the planet with the help of a 5,000 calorie daily diet topped off with a full DiGiornos pizza.
  • Big E champion packed on 60 pounds en route to breaking the raw American and national records in the deadlift
  • We spoke to the WWE legend about his awe-inspiring fitness and diet journey.

Before becoming the a two-time Intercontinental Champion, two-time Raw Tag Team Champion, and six-time SmackDown Tag Team Champion, Ettore “Big E” Ewen was shattering national records in powerlifting.

Ewen won back-to-back national titles in the sport, breaking all four Florida state raw records in the 275-pound class in 2010 and breaking the raw American and national records in the deadlift (799 lbs) and total (2,039 lbs) in the super heavyweight division the following year.

We sat down with the former Iowa Hawkeye football player and WWE Legend about his powerlifting journey and how a human being is physically capable of becoming that diesel.

“[My trainer] had me eating a whole DiGiorno’s pizza every single day on top of what I was already eating just to put the weight on…I got as heavy as 317. Mind you, I’m about 255 right now. I was just eating, getting fat, but being strong.

I was eating seven meals a day, definitely over 5,000 calories a day easily.”

That may be hard to conceptualize for the visual learners out there, so let’s put 5,000 calories into context.

9 McDonald’s Big Macs (563 calories each)

53 Michelob Ultras (95 calories)

24 7-Eleven Steak & Cheese Taquito (210 calories)

13 Wendy’s Frosty’s – 16 oz. (393 calories)


Here’s footage from Big E benching 575 lbs. in John Cena’s gym back in his FCW days, after Cena promised he’d put the clip in his documentary leading up to WrestleMania if he successfully pressed it.

2:25 mark. 

Strong man. Good man.

Check out our full interview with Big E below.

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