Here Are The Secret Words That The Most Successful Online Dating Profiles Have In Common

Secret Words Most Successful Dating Profiles


So…are you looking for a few more, and perhaps better, matches when it comes to you efforts in online dating? Who isn’t?

Well, as you know if you read this site regularly, we are always on the lookout for ways to help you more successfully navigate the dating scene. Whether it’s advice from celebrities, or bros who play fantasy football, what kind of photos to use, or even harmless, clever ways to trick your lady into thinking you’re a romantic, we try to leave no stone unturned.

Heck, we’ve even told which cities in America are the best for singles. What more could you want?

Still not enough, huh? Okay then, what if we told you which words the most successful online dating profiles have in common? Think that might help?

Good. Because the number-crunchers over at online dating site and app Zoosk are here with the answer to that very question.

By text-mining online dating profiles they were able to find the words and topics that resulted in the most attention. And what they found was surprising—there were a few words here and there that got a small lift (laugh and honest were two that came up often) but the most popular word by far was… (wait for it)… healthy!

Yep. People want to be with someone who is healthy. Go figure. In fact, those who have the word healthy in their profile get 17% more messages than those who do not.

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Want to know which words the data scientists discovered did NOT go over so well? Sure, you do.

– Profiles that mentioned being laid back got 50% fewer messages. (Yikes!)

– Those who mentioned ambitious didn’t do too well either with 38% fewer messages. Likewise, bringing up your job resulted in 10% fewer messages.

– Saying you’re looking for something serious resulted in 10% fewer messages, while saying you’re more casual only had 2% fewer messages.

– Hobbies and interests didn’t fare well either. Bringing up music got 26% fewer messages, while book got 18% fewer.

Wait, being interested in music can be a bad thing?

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Turns out that it actually might not be. Confused? Don’t be.

Adding anything distinct to your profile, like that you’re laid back or focused on your job, is going to appeal to some people and not to others. After all, not everyone is ambitious and not everyone is really into music (though, admittedly, that still surprises us).

The more personality you add to your profile the more you’re narrowing down who will be interested in you—and even though you might get fewer messages, that’s actually a good thing. You’re attracting the people who you’re more likely to be attracted to.

Got it? Swell. Now get out there and get yourself a date! For God’s sake, you certainly need one.