How No One Died In This Brutal Student Brawl At A Philly SEPTA Station Is Mind-Blowing

The footage you are about to witness is graphic. It’s out of control, senseless violence, for which, I couldn’t even conjure up a reason that attempts to validate it. The only thing I’ve ever seen that rivals it is the beginning (and subsequent hour and 48 minutes) of Green Street Hooligans. That’s a phenomenal movie starring Elijah Wood and Charlie Hunnam about lunatic soccer gangs in London, if you’re unfamiliar.

This startling security video, captured Tuesday afternoon at the Spring Garden stop along the Broad Street SEPTA train line in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, emerged yesterday on local station 6abc. Here is the raw, unedited footage – the confrontation begins around the 00:50 mark.

Yeah, let’s get one thing clear: THIS SHIT IS NOT ALRIGHT!

The perpetrators who instigated the seemingly unprovoked beat-down, according to the 6abc report, are still at-large and believed to be in high school.

SEPTA says it has identified two of the victims who attend Ben Franklin High School. Now they’re working with the school district, not only to identify the other students involved, but to prevent these violent actions from happening again.

SEPTA Police Chief Thomas Nestel reacted to the fight by saying, “It’s an outrageous event. This is so dangerous it’s not even funny. We have operating trains down there, there are passengers waiting for the train. You see somebody falls into the track area. It’s horrendous.”

You’re damn right it’s horrendous! And so is the fact that the incident went unnoticed AND unreported until it was uncovered by SEPTA officials only later, while reviewing the brutal security footage. Cut and dry, this stuff is totally alarming and there’s no room for it in civilized society. It’s tragic to see that no one intervened to put a stop to it, either.

These kids are teenagers!!! Vastly immature teenagers in the prime of their youth, and they’re wasting their time doing this. This is not the reprehensible shit you’re supposed to spend your teenage years doing…unless you’re pursuing a career trajectory with great tenure that lands you an office in a 9x5ft jail cell concrete jail cell.

Seriously, if you’re trying to KILL someone, this certainly is a good method to do so.

And did you see the one kid (top left) fall INTO the tracks?

If there’s an oncoming train coming, he’s dead. No questions about it.

These kids who got jumped are obviously lucky to be alive, I know that much. Hopefully the idiots you just saw who thought it was a good idea to stage an impromptu WWE backstage-style brawl will be identified, apprehended, and charged to the fullest extent of the law ASAP. Even without audio, the evidence presented above certainly suggests they deserve it.

There’s just no room for that senseless violence in the world, guys.