It’s So Windy In Louisiana, Freight Trains Are Blowing Off Of Railroad Bridges

How fast were those winds, like, 240mph? Because last time I checked a freight train car weighs between 150 and 250 tons. Not just something that can be blown around like a runaway newspaper, that’s for sure.

The crazy footage above was first obtained by WGNO ABC, and depicts nearly a half-dozen shipping containers falling haplessly from a railroad bridge in Elmwood, Louisiana on Monday morning.

WGNO Reports:

Our cameras were rolling when strong winds knocked over some train cars on the Huey P. Long Bridge. It happened around 10:30 a.m. Monday in Elmwood behind the Raising Cane’s restaurant on South Clearview Parkway and Bloomfield Street.

Nancy Stoltz, with the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad, said the Union Pacific train was traveling about 4 mph when winds knocked the containers off the bridge.

No injuries were reported.

Stoltz said structural engineers are enroute to assess the remaining cars and any damage to the tracks.

Well it’s good to know that no one was injured, as luckily the massive train cars ended up in a grassy area, but I’m sure the cleanup job is going to be awful seeing as this small town in Louisiana now has to figure out what to do with several thousand tons of wreckage.

Pictures of all the carnage can bee seen here.