Things Get Awkward When Aaron Donald Refuses To Answer Questions About Helmet-Swinging Incident

Aaron Donald really doesn’t want to answer questions about his helmet-swinging incident.

Last week, Donald was seen swinging two helmets at Bengals players during a joint practice that got out of hand.

Donald, who was not punished by the league for his actions, went on a media tour to promote Dr. Teal’s on Wednesday. During an interview on CBS Sports, Donald was repeatedly asked by reporter Zach Gelb about the helmet swinging incident and the Rams star refused to answer the question.

“It was just a practice, obviously people got phones out and things like that but I’m not going to sit and talk about negative stuff that happens at a practice, my main focus is Buffalo.”

Gelb continued to ask questions about the helmet incident and PR person stepped in to tell Gelb to ask a different question.

Donald was mocked for refusing to answer Gelb’s question.

“Can’t believe the PR lady actually jumped in like that. Fair questions and Aaron Donald had to know they were coming. If he didn’t want to answer them, cancel the interview…”