Packers’ Players Chime In On Aaron Rodgers’ Future

Aaron Rodgers drops back to pass

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In case you haven’t heard — if so, lucky you, got any room for me under that rock you exist under? — Aaron Rodgers’ NFL future is currently up in the air.

Despite the fact that the new league year begins in about a week, Rodgers has yet to let the Packers (or anyone else for that matter) know what his plans are for the 2023 season. This also comes after he went on a days-long darkness retreat.

Speaking to NFL Network’s Good Morning Football on Tuesday, Packers running back Aaron Jones spoke about Rodgers’ potential future with the team and indicated that he wants the four-time MVP to stick around.

“I hope he is not going nowhere. Especially not Vegas,” Jones said.

“You know he played with Tae (Davante Adams), so I hope that wouldn’t happen. He’s my quarterback, so I hope he’s back. If he’s back, we are ready to ball with him. If not, then we have Jordan Love, who’s more than capable, and he’s ready to ball as well and ready for his shot.”

At this time, with the New Orleans Saints signing Derek Carr and the Tennessee Titans seemingly uninterested, the only two viable landing spots for Rodgers at this time are the aforementioned Raiders and the New York Jets, who have made their desire to land the signal-caller obvious.

On Monday, according to reports, Rodgers apparently spoke with Jets execs and is “open” to the idea of playing in New York. If the Jets do hope to acquire Rodgers, they’re going to have to send the Packers a significant amount of draft capital while also clearing out cap space for Rodgers’ massive contract.

The 2023 NFL season will officially begin on Wednesday, March 15.

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