Aaron Rodgers Puts His Tequila Shot Down To Accept The Responsibility Of Mentoring Jordan Love

After saying he took shots of tequila on the night the Packers drafted Jordan Love, Aaron Rodgers opens up about mentoring the rookie quarterback this season

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It’s been a pretty active offseason for Aaron Rodgers, guys. Not only did he and longtime girlfriend Danica Patrick call it quits, but another one of his ex’s, Olivia Munn, had some interesting things that hinted towards their relationship as well. Outside of his personal life, the future Hall of Famer also talked about his future with the Green Bay Packers, saying that he could envision leaving the only franchise he’s ever known after the team drafted quarterback Jordan Love in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

While the shock of the Packers drafting Love surprised Aaron Rodgers — with the former league MVP admitting that he wasn’t thrilled with the pick — things went another level when, during a July interview with NFL Network’s Kevin Brandt, Rodgers admitted he turned to shots of tequila to help him cope after the selection. Take a look below at the convo.

Well, now that the initial bitterness, shock, etc. is over for Rodgers, it seems like the guy’s starting to warm up to the idea of mentoring Love as he prepares for his first NFL season. Remember, Aaron had a similar experience with Brett Favre when he entered the league, with Favre being the mainstay under center for the Packers and winning a Super Bowl — while setting league records — so he seems to be embracing the mentorship role now.

In an interview with Bleacher Report, Aaron Rodgers spoke about some of his goals serving as a guide for the young Love, admitting that he wants “kinship, not animosity.”

“Part of your legacy is how you treat your teammates,” Rodgers told Bleacher Report in a new feature. “I want Jordan to have as great of memories as possible of me being in the QB room and having some great laughs and competing. I want kinship, not animosity. That’s what I’ve always tried to do with all my backups.”

“I remember what it was like to be 21 and be in a quarterback room with an older quarterback and a new offense and just trying to find my bearings,” Rodgers added. “It’s a lot. The key to being a quarterback and leader in this league is just doing it your own way and taking time with your personality and letting guys get to know the authentic you. He’s a good kid. He really is. I enjoy being in the room with him. I think he’s got a bright future.”

After (understandably) being pissed off after Green Bay selected Jordan Love, this new position by Aaron Rodgers is the right one. Considering the Packers have a real shot at making a Super Bowl run this season, the last thing they need is drama between a living legend and a backup. It’s not healthy, and Rodgers knows it.

It sounds like Rodgers is learning from his firsthand experience of the dysfunctional relationship he had with Favre during his early years in the league. That took a toll on both he, Favre and the Packers until the two recently made up — so it’s good that the future Hall of Famer isn’t trying to live through that again.

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