Adrian Wojnarowski Hilariously Used Code Words To Get Around NBA/ESPN’s Ban On Tipping Picks During NBA Draft

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Earlier this week, Awful Announcing reported that ESPN had agreed to ask Adrian Wojnarowski and their reporters to not tip picks during the NBA draft at the behest of the NBA.

Via Awful Announcing

A source tells Awful Announcing that ESPN has instructed its reporters to refrain from revealing picks on social media before they’re announced at Thursday’s draft, breaking with how the network has operated in the past. Previously, ESPN’s crew of insiders (or at least the ones who didn’t appear on the draft broadcast) has been free to report NBA Draft picks as soon as they learn of them — in contrast to how things work during the NFL Draft, when ESPN and NFL Network annually agree to hold off until the picks are read from the podium.

The source said ESPN’s directive not to tip picks this year was presented as an edict from the NBA itself. An ESPN representative declined comment Tuesday, while an NBA representative did not respond to a request for comment.

While Woj seemed like he was going to follow the rules at first but then hilariously started using code words like “prefers” and “zeroing in” to tip picks.

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