Aidan Hutchinson Shares Hilarious Memory Of Jim Harbaugh’s Strange Workout Habits

jim harbuagh khakis sideline workout hutcinson

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Michigan Wolverines head football coach Jim Harbaugh is… unique.

The former NFL quarterback is a lightning rod for controversy, whether it’s for the favorable treatment his gives his players or for the fact that every year he seems to relish being mentioned in NFL head coaching rumors.

He has cited the Bible as his reason for a unique, two-quarterback strategy, he’s ruthless when playing against kids in laser tag, and for some reason, he seems to always be wearing his signature khakis every time he is seen working out.

Seriously… look. Here’s a TikTok video Jim Harbaugh’s daughter Grace took of him getting in a pump while on a family vacation.


and in the khakis??? i don’t wanna hear nothin ‼️‼️

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Recently, Harbaugh also got in a workout while on the recruiting trail visiting a high school in Washington state while wearing a pair of khakis and a button-down dress shirt.

That was at least the second time he has done that while visiting a high school on a recruiting trip.

Just to drive Harbaugh’s bizarre workout predilection even more home, last week on the NFL’s Radio Row in Phoenix, former Michigan Wolverines star Aidan Hutchinson shared another tale about his former coach.

When asked for one of his favorite memories of Jim Harbaugh by NBC Sports Bay Area reporter Jennifer Lee Chan, Hutchinson replied, “You know, I can’t name a specific memory, but I think it was just one of those things every day you’d walk out to practice. Coach Harbaugh is in our weight room, khakis on, cleats on, shirt off, squatting, and that’s like a very normal thing you see from Coach Harbaugh. You see it, you acknowledge it, and you’re just like, ‘There’s Coach,’ and you go on to practice.

“You can’t unsee that,” Hutchinson added. “I’ll never forget it. Full khakis, belt, cleats on hardwood floor.”

Harbaugh’s gonna Harbaugh.