Alex Ovechkin Starred In A Music Video And Man, Alex Ovechkin Should Not Star In Music Videos

Because you get whatever this monstrosity is, which consists of two-and-half-straight minutes of Alex Ovechkin wearing colored contacts and the deepest black v-neck you’ve ever seen.

That’s really all it is.

It’s the music video for Katya Lel’s “Let Them Talk,” and the only role Ovi plays, aside from hauntingly staring into our collective souls, is to slap a few fake pucks at a net, then whisper something in Russian.

And really, I think I know exactly why he did this.

To show his ex-fiancee all the hot pop music stars he’s now banging.

Why else would you agree to this?

Watch it again. He’s totally doing this gal.

Although I do appreciate the ‘Shake It Off’ aesthetic this thing carries.