Alex Rodriguez Ripped By Former Teammate: He Will ‘Die A Lonely Man’

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Doug Mientkiewicz played high school baseball at Westminster Christian School in Palmetto Bay, Florida. One of his teammates on the baseball and football teams was Alex Rodriguez.

Both would go on to play in the big leagues, Mientkiewicz with six teams and Rodriguez with three, and they were teammates on the Yankees in 2007.

Before getting busted for using performance enhancing drugs, Alex Rodriguez had put together a surefire Hall of Fame career.

Of course, that all evaporated when he was suspended for 162 games by Major League Baseball in 2013.

Last week, on the Foul Territory podcast, Doug Mientkiewicz laid into his former teammate.

“It’s painful,” Mientkiewicz said. “It’s like, wait a minute, do you (forget) you got suspended 200 games? It’s like, ‘Come on, man. Stop it.’ I get it. I played a power position and didn’t have any. Did it cross my mind? Of course. You thought about it. But I was like, ‘You know what, I want to be able to walk when I’m 50.’”

When he was asked by podcast host and former Twins teammate A.J. Pierzynski if Alex Rodriguez still acknowledges him when they run into one another, Mientkiewicz said, “In a certain setting. Like, if it’s a baseball setting, if we’re doing stuff for Westminster, our high school, yeah, if he’s not sleeping at the table. We honored my coach for his three millionth win and there he is in his Timberwolves shirt sleeping in a chair. It’s like, come on, man.”

“I always said he’s going to die a lonely man, because this whole ‘father of the year’ stuff, God bless him with his daughters, because it’s got to come a long way. But it’s like, ‘You’re just trying to get into heaven now.’

“I’m still friends with my high school team,” Mientkiewicz continued. “We still text often, not as often as we should, but we still text, group thread, constantly badgering each other and he’s just distanced from it. I don’t care how good or how great you become and how far your career goes, you never forget your high school dudes.

“Like, your high school and your college teammates are brothers till the end. We still talk. We still shoot the s***, but he’s just nowhere to be found, even when we do high school stuff for our coach. Like I said, I have a picture of him sleeping at the table in his Timberwolves shirt. I’m like, ‘Are you serious? Go Wolves. No wonder they suck.'”

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