Allen Lazard Had The Best Response For People Pestering Him With Aaron Rodgers Questions

Aaron Rodgers talks to teammate Allen Lazard on the field.

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Allen Lazard and Aaron Rodgers were teammates in Green Bay dating back to the wideout’s rookie season in 2018. While the pass catcher is now on his way to New York, it appears that the duo will team back up on the Jets next year.

Lazard was dealt to the Big Apple this offseason as the Jets look to upgrade the talent on the roster. New York also came to an agreement with Green Bay about adding Rodgers as their starting quarterback.

While a mutual understanding of the deal was made public, there’s been a bit of a holdup on finalizing the terms. It’s been reported that the Jets want protection on the draft picks they’ll be giving up in this Aaron Rodgers deal. They want insurance in case the quarterback opts not to play in 2024.

Others say the Packers are looking to get more out of the trade. Some hint that one of the Jets’ two second-round picks could be the key to finalizing the deal. It’s just the latest drama in a seemingly never-ending saga surrounding Rodgers this offseason.

It was reported that he could potentially leave Green Bay as soon as the 2022 season concluded. He, of course, had to go into a week-long isolation before revealing his decision.

Rodgers emerged from the darkness with a new home in mind, pinpointing the Jets his next destination while appearing on the Pat McAfee Show.

But even when the drama seems to be ending, it somehow still drags on.

It’s now been two weeks since Rodgers made his announcement, but we appear no closer to a deal. Allen Lazard is tired of answering questions about where his former teammate will end up.

Over the weekend, he had the best response for those berating him for answers.

While enjoying a night out at the club, Lazard paid bottle service girls to hold up signs that read, “Stop asking me about Aaron.”

It certainly gets the point across.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen something like this with NFL players. Deebo Samuel shut down a bottle service girl who held a sign that said, “Deebo is staying,” in reference to his offseason negotiations with the 49ers.

He did, in fact, stay in San Francisco.

Allen Lazard is tired of answering questions, though he’s said he’s confident that the deal will get done. The clock is ticking for both sides as the NFL Draft quickly approaches.