Local Brewery Gets Blasted By A’s Fans For ‘Viva Las Vegas’ Joke On Beer Can

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  • Altamont Beer Works printed a “Viva Las Vegas” message on the bottom of a can over the weekend
  • The unhappy customer posted to social media and now all A’s fans are up in arms
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Altamont Beer Works failed at an attempt to offer some light-heartedness to A’s fans regarding the uncertainty surrounding the team’s future.

It’s no secret that the Oakland front office is exploring its relocation options. And Las Vegas appears to be the most likely landing spot should the A’s decide to move.

In fact, it seems that a location on the Vegas strip is already being discussed.

Those discussions don’t sit well with Oakland fans who want to see the club remain in California. Unfortunately, a few legal hurdles combined with historically low attendance are making that option more and more difficult.

Those factors are only angering the A’s fanbase further.

So when local brewing company Altamont Beer Works decided to put a message relating to the move on the bottom of a can, an already pissed off customer grew even more irate.

Fan grows angry for ‘Viva Las Vegas’ message on the bottom of his beer can

Altamont Beer Works printed short messages on the bottom of their A’s themed cans, which were then sold to fans over the weekend.

This one didn’t land quite like they’d hoped.

One customer’s message read, “Viva Las Vegas,” an obvious jab to the ownership’s relocation discussions.

The company responded and offered an apology for the message shortly after.

The joke and ensuing apology didn’t hit with the fanbase, as tons of A’s fans took to social media to display their frustrations.

A’s fans react in disgust to ‘Viva Las Vegas’ joke

A number of angry A’s fans chimed in on the incident via social media.

Another fan posted something similar on Instagram.

This is probably an overreaction from a fanbase that’s hoping to hang on to their team. Either way, it was a huge swing and miss for Altamont.