Antonio Browns Publicly Apologizes To Ben Roethlisberger Weeks After Calling Him A ‘Loser’

Al Bello/Getty Images

We are just a fortnight removed from Antonio Brown—a man whose self-immolation is toeing the line between entertaining and sad—publicly calling Ben Roethlisberger a “loser.”

Not behind his back. Not to just his entourage. But to everyone. Talking about the man who won two Super Bowl rings without him. The delusion is continues to re-invent itself. Where does it end.

Credit where credit’s due: last week, despite saying that JuJu idolizes him and wants to be him, AB offered what seemed to be sincere apologies to Steelers owner Art Rooney, Mike Tomlin and Big Ben before speaking coherently about his recent arrest and court-order psychiatric evaluation.

It’s not about the material things or the money. People need support. Support and love. Meaning someone they can call, people that can listen to you.

On Wednesday, just a few months after AB rehashed Big Ben’s sexual assault punishment, reiterated his apology to his quarterback.

I’m not saying AB didn’t write this himself, I’m just saying I’m used to seeing different captions on his photos.

Something smells fishy, here.





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