Antonio Brown Either Dissed Tom Brady Or Forgot He Exists While Asserting He’s The Best Sixth-Round Draft Pick Of All Time

antonio brown brady sixth round pick

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Most NFL fans weren’t thrilled to hear the Patriots had added a stellar offensive weapon to their roster after they picked up Antonio Brown following his release from the Raiders but there was one person in particular who was thrilled with the acquisition: Tom Brady, who invited the wide receiver to crash with him and Gisele when he arrived in New England.

As we all know by now, Brown’s time with the Patriots lasted for about as long as your typical middle school relationship and he found himself released just ten days after signing with the team in the wake of the multiple sexual misconduct allegations he found himself facing.

Based on a conversation that leaked after Brown was cut, the quarterback wasn’t exactly thrilled with the organization’s decision, which is understandable given the fantastically underwhelming cast of wideouts he’s currently tasked with throwing to.

Last month, Brown issued an apology to Robert Kraft and the Patriots for his less-than-diplomatic reaction to his release (a mea culpa LaVar Arrington was convinced Brady was responsible for) and the G.O.A.T. got people in a tizzy when he decided to like the Instagram post (although he denied he meant anything by it).

Based on an old selfie Brown shared a couple of weeks ago, he’s still got some respect for Brady, but on Wednesday, he appeared to either diss him or forget about him entirely when the Central Michigan grad posted a picture of his draft card and boasted he’s the best sixth-round draft pick the NFL has ever seen.

Based on a list Sporting News put together concerning the topic, Brown is definitely one of the top players to ever get picked up in that round but it’s impossible to argue he’s had a better career than this unparalleled physical specimen who was scooped up with the 199th selection back in 2000.

antonio brown brady sixth round pick


Of course, there’s a chance Brown was just joking around and having some fun with Brady, but at this point, I’ve essentially stopped even trying to attempt to figure out what’s going on in his head (aside from the CTE he almost certainly has).

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