Antonio Brown Tattled On Himself For Not Paying His Former Lawyer While Boldly Claiming The Attorney Screwed Him Over

antonio brown didnt pay lawyer

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It’s been virtually impossible to keep up with all of the drama that’s surrounded Antonio Brown since he decided to throw a temper tantrum because he wasn’t allowed to wear his favorite helmet and lit the spark that would eventually turn into the sizeable inferno that continues to rage to this day.

The wide receiver has found himself embroiled in a number of disputes over the course of an ongoing saga that’s seen him at the center of an impressive number of legal cases thanks to a celebrity chef he allegedly stiffed and the trainer who accused him of sexual misconduct (which he countered with a lawsuit of his own).

We also can’t forget the accusations leveled against him in 2018 where he was named as a defendant when the owner of a condo he rented out entered the residence after he vacated to discover it had been absolutely trashed.

Brown was ordered to fly to Florida shortly after he was released by the Patriots so he could give a deposition, where he proceeded to make a fool out of himself.

Of course, anyone who’s familiar with his antics knows he has an uncanny ability to paint himself in a terrible light on an incredibly consistent basis, and on Monday, he embarrassed himself yet again after deciding to throw a fit over the testimony he delivered.

Brown decided to start yet another in a long line of beefs by calling out Drew Rosenhaus for linking him up with an attorney who would ultimately recuse himself from the case. He even pulled out a receipt to support his claim in the form of a Facebook status the lawyer posted but it appears he didn’t look at it too closely, as the guy said he quit because his client failed to pay him.

AB is truly the gift that keeps on giving.