The NFL Is Reportedly In No Rush To Interview Antonio Brown And He Doesn’t Seem Very Happy About It

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It’s been over a month since Antonio Brown was cut by the Patriots after spending just 11 days with the team after multiple women came forward to accuse him of sexual misconduct, and since then, he’s treated us to more drama than the entirety of The O.C.

The wide receiver has made it very clear he’d like to return to the field sooner rather than later and there are reportedly a number of teams who are interested in picking him up but he’s run into a bit of a problem thanks to the NFL, which is apparently taking its sweet damn time investigating the allegations against him.

Last month, we learned the league had yet to reach out to Brown to discuss the matter, and according to Pro Football Talk reported, those who have been charged with looking into the issue are apparently dragging their feet when it comes to directly addressing the situation with him:

The NFL has yet to interview Brown, which will be perhaps the most important step in reaching a conclusion as to whether he officially should be suspended without pay.

The problem for Brown is that the league’s refusal to say whether he’d be placed on paid leave if signed, coupled with the lingering investigation, puts him on suspension without pay.

Based on the tweet he sent out on Friday morning, it looks like Brown (perhaps rightfully) believes the NFL is purposefully stalling in order to keep him sidelined for whatever reason.

Brown might not have a steady source of income right now, and while he’s filed multiple appeals in an attempt to recoup the money he believes he deserves, he seems to be doing just fine based on the screenshot he posted of his bank account balance on Thursday.