Buffalo Bills Fans Are Pretty Butthurt Over People Knocking The Team And City Following Failed Antonio Brown Trade

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Antonio Brown was reportedly about to be a member of the Buffalo Bills until, well, he wasn’t. Following reports from NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport late last night, the football world was shocked to hear that the All-Pro wide receiver was getting shipped off to Buffalo, which is basically known for being the NFL’s version of Siberia. The news was so extreme that Brown himself even called the report “Fake News” in response on Instagram.

Eventually, the entire mess got cleaned up and other football experts, specifically ESPN’s Adam Schefter, put the Antonio Brown to the Bills talk to rest. While the Pittsburgh Steelers and Buffalo Bills did engage in talks for Brown, it was reported that the prima donna wide receiver wasn’t even going to report to the Bills had he been traded there, which, just a hunch, probably had an impact on the deal going through.

With all this drama playing out through social media, it left plenty of people mocking the Buffalo Bills and the entire city of Buffalo, with plenty of jokes coming in from people on Twitter who were making fun of Antonio Brown, reportedly, being a Buffalo Bill. Oh, but that’s where the fun really begins, because those proud members of Bills Mafia stepped up to the plate and defended their team and city against all those making fun of it. Take a look at some of the tweets below, which were really aimed at Antonio Brown.

The love for the city of Buffalo didn’t stop there, though, as more people weighed in and gave their two cents about why the place gets a bad rap. Here are some of those tweets.

Look, I’m sure Buffalo is a great place to live, work, raise a family and jump from the top of RVs onto a burning plastic table prior to Bills games. But, come on, having a superstar like Antonio Brown going there to play for an organization that’s had one playoff appearance since 1999 after playing for one of the top franchises in all of sports is a serious demotion. But, hey, love the pride Buffalo folks have for their city — just don’t expect many people to change their perception and start booking vacations there anytime soon.

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