Antonio Brown Tweets About Empowering The Youth But Not Everyone Agrees He’s The Best Role Model

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  • Antonio Brown took to Twitter to share his goals of empowering the next generation
  • Not everyone agrees that he’s the best person to look up to
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Antonio Brown is back at it.

Sunday brought about another set of his cryptic tweets as he took to social media to share his thoughts on a variety of subjects. The almost undecipherable posts speak to his mission in life, his future, and his general feeling of being better than “regular people.”

Check them out.

It was one part, in particular, that caught the attention of Brown’s followers. The piece about empowering the youth.

Brown has been a controversial personality in the NFL over the last handful of seasons. That all culminated with a midgame meltdown where the wideout ran off the field shirtless in a matchup against the Jets.

Other off the field issues include faking a COVID vaccine card, purposely flatulating in doctor’s offices, and even threatening to sue his former employer, the Buccaneers.

Probably not the best role model.

Fans on social media had that same immediate thought, and they were quick to post about it on Twitter. Check out the reaction to Brown’s recent series of tweets.

Most on the internet agree that Brown isn’t their first choice when speaking on who they’d like their kids to look up to.

The wideout is not currently with a team after being cut by the Bucs last season. His future in the league is also in doubt, though he may take this hiatus as a way to focus on his other passions – music and fashion.

AB may have more to offer, but it will take some time before his hope of empowering the next generation is considered a viable goal.