Atlanta Hawks Kiss Cam Catches Super Cute Girl Going All-In On Pizza, And She Doesn’t Give AF

kiss cam


Yo, who needs to makeout with someone when you have ALL of this DELICIOUS PIZZA at your disposal!?

Exactly. There’s zero need. You can love yourself to the maximum with an entire pie sitting on your lap at the Hawks game, double fisting slices, and that’ll be all she wrote. Like, a kiss won’t make the situation better than it already is, not when you have slice after glorious slice of cheese pizza doing it for you. Facts of life.

Love this chick. Not a care in the world about the two spit swappers in front of her.

It was all tunnel vision, just her, and that beautiful cheese pizza. Swoon.

Good news for her, the Hawks throttled the Celtics tonight 89-72 in their NBA Playoffs matchup, so it looks like there may be more basketball (and pizza) to come yet this season…