Jim Ross Audio Of Baby Brother Crashing His Sister’s Wrestling Match Is Perfect

by 1 year ago
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YouTube / Chum Some Of This

This baby brother is just too young to understand what organized sports are. Instinct kicked in, and he thought his sister was in trouble. So what’d he do? He sought to end the wrestling match by taking down the dude (he thought was) hurting his beloved sibling.

The clip in and of itself is fantastic. But someone out there went ahead and added a ‘Jim Ross WWE’ soundtrack to the clip and just like that we have some Internet Gold. I know what you’re thinking, ‘kids doing shit on the Internet, what is this, Cass, the ELLEN show?’ Just trust me here, this is an excellent viral video…Also, I’m not a parent so I guess there’s no reason I would’ve known this but I really had no clue that there was co-ed wrestling for kids:

The only thing that didn’t happen in this video that I really would’ve like to see is the bench go wild like when someone gets posterized on the basketball court. All those dudes sitting on the sidelines with a front row view to the action and all they did was laugh. Not a single person stood up and swung a towel around their head while hooting and hollering.

You’d think that this innocent act would’ve elicited more of a response from the fans. I mean, I’m sitting here writing about this on a Thursday morning with enthusiasm and they all sat there like they didn’t just witness a tiny bro in the making. All in all, though, this was excellent stuff. I would’ve loved to have been on a fly on the wall for that teaching/parenting moment later on when the dad had to explain the difference between protecting your sister and school sports.

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