Baker Mayfield’s Friend Prank Called Him Just Before The First Pick In The Draft Was Announced

by 11 months ago
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Nobody really knew what was going to happen with Baker Mayfield when the NFL Draft rolled around last week. His name was in discussion with Sam Darnold and The Two Joshes when it came to this year’s top prospects at quarterback, and while Mayfield was a guaranteed first round pick, he didn’t make the trek to Dallas to attend the event in person like his three rivals.

Instead, he decided to spend his time with friends and family, who helped him recreate Brett Favre’s 1991 draft photo and earn the seal of approval from the legendary quarterback and jorts connoisseur. Mayfield’s picture received thousands of retweets, but I’m going to assume he’s a little more excited by the millions of dollars he’s going to get after being selected with the first pick.

Mayfield and his posse spent the day of the draft doing what most prospects do: staring intently at a phone while waiting for it to ring. I can’t imagine the emotion Mayfield must have felt when he heard it vibrate before the Cleveland Browns announced their pick to the world, nor can I imagine the rage he felt after realizing it was just someone in the room who’d called him to fuck with him.

The moment was captured around the 3:15 mark of the show following Mayfield through his journey.

That is classic Zach.

This is kind of like when you give someone a fake lottery ticket and let them experience what ecstasy feels like before their hopes and dreams are shattered in an instant, only the victim still gets a boatload of money. As far as pranks go, this is as wholesome as they come.

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