This Baltimore Ravens Fan Getting A Tattoo For Every Win In 2021 Is In For A WILD Year

Baltimore Ravens Leg Tattoo For Every Win


Joppatowne, Marlyand-native Nic Cullison is all-in on the Baltimore Ravens this season. The 26-year-old is commemorating every Ravens win in 2021 with a tattoo.

To be clear, they are permanent tattoos that will last for life.

Cullison already has two through the first three games. He has the final score of Baltimore’s one-point victory over Kansas City just above his knee and a goal post that honors Justin Tucker’s game-winning, NFL-record field goal in Detroit right above the other.


Neither tattoo is overly complex because Cullison’s wife, Naomi, was the one with the gun doing the inking. She is not a professional tattoo artist, but she would like to get into the medical side of tattooing and has done a few on herself and her husband’s wrist.

Nic, who has two arm sleeves and calf tattoos in addition to his Ravens-themed markings, knows that they won’t look perfect. He is more concerned with the story.

Things could go one of a few ways for Cullison:

  • The Ravens could go on a run over the next 14 games, earn a top seed in the playoffs and win their first Super Bowl since 2012/13.
  • Things could go incredibly south for Lamar Jackson’s team and Cullison ends up with a smattering of tattoos for a season that results in a disappointing ending.
  • Or, Baltimore could win out, claim the No. 1 seed and lose in heartbreaking fashion.

No matter what happens, the results of 2021 will be forever etched on Cullison’s leg. Win, lose, tie or otherwise.

The only stipulation for the remainder of the wins is that Nic doesn’t get to design them. Naomi will be taking the reins there, in addition to doing the inking.

Here is Baltimore’s remaining schedule, which will play a big role on Cullison’s skin moving forward:

  • @ Denver Broncos
  • vs. Indianapolis Colts
  • vs. Los Angeles Chargers
  • vs. Cincinnati Bengals
  • vs. Minnesota Vikings
  • @ Miami Dolphins
  • @ Chicago Bears
  • vs. Cleveland Browns
  • @ Pittsburgh Steelers
  • @ Cleveland Browns
  • vs. Green Bay Packers
  • @ Cincinnati Bengals
  • vs. Los Angeles Rams
  • vs. Pittsburgh Steelers