CBS Banned A Strip Club From Airing This Super Bowl Commercial, But Should It Have Been?

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In past Super Bowls we’ve seen some pretty racy ads. From the many GoDaddy commercials to some Carl’s Jr. spots it’s not like the Super Bowl hasn’t had it’s fair share of sexy commercials.

I guess they draw the line at strip clubs though because CBS has reportedly told Scores strip club in New York that their $5 million isn’t welcome on Super Bowl Sunday.

Reports TMZ

The famous NYC strip club, Scores, was ready to throw down $5 million for a coveted 30 second spot to promote … which offers one-on-one online interaction with strippers.

If you think that sounds awesome … you’re not a CBS honcho. The network fired off a letter saying the Scores ad “didn’t meet the standards of the NFL.”

We got a copy of the NFL ad guidelines and along with firearms, contraceptives and gambling-related ads — companies featuring “nude or semi-nude performers” don’t make the cut.


When compared to this Carl’s Jr. commercial featuring Nina Agdal that aired during a previous Super Bowl Scores’ ad really seems kind of tame…

Let’s see that again, shall we?

I guess as long as it isn’t a strip club it’s all good then, huh?

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