‘Beer Yoga’ Is A Thing That Now Exists, And It’s Just Unseated Rollerblading As The Lamest Form Of Exercise

by 4 years ago

Trying to piggy back off the coolness of beer, yoga is trying to reach an audience of dudes like yourself, dudes who don’t want to be reached by yoga. A brewery in New Mexico is now offering ‘beer yoga’ classes, where the yoga instructor comes into the brewery to teach lame ass yoga classes. What’s next, e-cig rollerblading classes? Butterball bootcamp, where every 30-seconds you take a break to eat turkey?

KOB News 4 reports:

“I wasn’t very flexible when I started, I can’t put my toe in my ear or anything like that,” he laughed.
But every Tuesday and Thursday, his classes taught at Three Rivers Brewery are a little more fun.
“The addition of beer to DDP yoga makes it that much better,” said student, Amy Campbell.
Yes that’s right – beer. A yoga routine with added beer breaks.
“Beer makes anything better,” said Campbell.
The addition of beer also seems to make yoga more attainable for everyone.
“It’s mostly people that are here all the time. They are like, ‘screw it, if I’m going to be here drinking beer I might as well do something good for me to cancel it out,'” said Grinnell.
Campbell has been attending beer yoga since it started about a year ago.
“If you can drink beer while doing yoga, it kind of levels the playing field. It’s not just a women’s thing, it appeals to guys as well,” she said.
She even convinced her friend Makayla Applegate to join the class.
“We are able to enjoy a nice healthy element while enjoying a nice refreshment,” Applegate said.
And the beer doesn’t seem to detract from yoga’s healthy properties.
“When you come in here, it is up to you on how hard you want to make the workout,” said Grinnell.
And students like Campbell say it’s worth it.
“I have lost a total of like 30 pounds,” she said.
So if you have ever wanted to try yoga, but couldn’t quite come to the mat, beer yoga may be for you.

I’d say it’s safe to assume that the genesis of ‘beer yoga‘ came about in a conversation something like this:

Girl: I love this yoga class so much, I just wish I could get my boyfriend to come.
Yoga Instructor: What if we held the class at a brewery and served beer?
Boyfriend: Can’t we have the class at the brewery, serve beer, but cut out the yoga?
3 Rivers Brewery: Well, I guess we could get some press with this. We might as well run with it.
Boyfriend: Well, will there be yoga pants worn there?
Girlfriend: Why?
Boyfriend: Uhhhh….

Well, I’d just like to send a huge congratulations to ‘beer yoga’ for supplanting rollerblading as the single lamest form of exercise!