Here’s A Definitive Power Ranking Of The Best (And Worst) Costumes Athletes Rocked This Halloween

best athlete halloween costumes 2018


Plenty of people pulled out all the stops to celebrate Halloween this year and this includes a number of athletes who dug deep into their closets (and, in some cases, wallets) in pursuit of the Halloween costume.

Some of them nailed it and, well, others not so much.

Let’s take a few moments to reflect on the Halloween season that was with a power ranking of the best (and worst) costumes in the world of sports this year.

Connor McDavid

I’m not sure if McDavid set out to have the scariest outfit worn by an athlete this year, but if he was, he certainly nailed it with this Homer Simpson costume.

Halloween might be over but my nightmares are just beginning.

JuJu Smith-Schuster

Virtually every Halloween party has one of those guys who decides they’re too cool to wear a costume and rolls up in a buttondown going as the ever-so-subversive “Guy at a Halloween Party.”

I respect JuJu’s effort here, but at the end of the day, he’s still going as himself and I simply can’t look past that.

LeBron James

At first glance, this is a pretty solid costume but once you start to take a closer look at things it all begins to fall apart.

The mask is definitely solid but the rest of the outfit makes me think LeBron has never actually seen Friday the 13th.

First off, Jason Voorhees has never been a flannel guy; his aesthetic is best defined as “Car Mechanic Chíc.” As a result, the bright yellow shoes are a bit out of place as well.

Also, how are you going to dress up as Jason and carry around a hammer? Did LeBron show up to Party Supply after all of the plastic machetes sold out?

I have to say I’m disappointed in LeBron (and the stylist that should have prevented this).

Klay Thompson

I know people who have planned months ahead for their Halloween costume by growing out their hair or beard to make sure their outfit is as authentic as possible.

With that said, I wish Thompson had grown out the afro a bit but he nailed the rest of this Jackie Moon costume (even if the shorts were a little longer than the ones they rocked back in the day).

Damien Lillard

Lillard gets a couple of points off for not smashing a couple of beers together during his walk into the arena but that’s really the only thing I can ding him for with this Stone Cold costume.

Mo Harkless

This costume is as delicious as dog food is to Tyrone Biggums.

Aaron Gordon

If you showed me this picture and told me it was Aaron Judge I’d have no reason to not believe you which is why Aaron Gordon deserves all of the credit in the world for picking out the perfect costume.

He might as well retire from Halloween right now because he’s not going to top this one.

DeAndre Hopkins

Welp. That’s a bingo.

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