10 Ruthless Fantasy Football Punishments We Have Seen For Last Place Finishers In 2018

There is nothing quite like a good fantasy football league. It is a great way to keep in touch with some of your closest friends, employees, and family members. The goal for every team is to come in first place so you can win the big bucks, however, if you are unable to accomplish this goal it is key that you don’t come in last place. The best leagues out there have a Sacko punishment, named after the show The League, where the team that comes in last place must face a pre-determined consequence. Every year is filled with great last place punishments, so it is only fitting now that the 2018 NFL regular season is over that we share the 10 best punishment ideas for every last place finisher in fantasy football.

10. Eat A Burrito While Sitting On A Foul-Smelling Port-A-Potty At A Tailgate

This fantasy football league’s punishment is not the ideal way to tailgate for a football game. This loser has to sit in a port-a-potty with the door open before the game and take down a burrito while doing so. We all know just how gross these port-a-potties are before game time. Even if the burrito is from chipotle I would have a hard time believing that the burrito tastes good while sitting in a port-a-potty.


9. Superman And His Briefcase Rollerblades To NYC

Another league filled with high school buddies who just recently graduated college makes their loser rollerblade 15 miles to NYC wearing whatever the winning team chooses. This year the loser has to wear a superman costume along with a briefcase. I highly suggest this guy packs his briefcase with a bunch of water bottles and Gatorade as it is going to be a long and tiring trip. Hopefully, Superman can use his special powers and get it done. (H/T Reddit)


8. Driving With A Pink License Plate Cover That Says “I Suck At Fantasy Football”

Several fantasy football league requires the last place finisher to drive for the entire year with a pink license plate cover that says “I suck at fantasy football”. It is bad enough being that guy riding around town with a pink license plate cover. It is even worse when you have to remind everyone that you suck at fantasy football. Imagine going a full year with that license plate and all the different looks you get because of it.

7.Please Sign My Petition That The World Is Flat

A fantasy football league made their “Sacko” try and find people to sign his petition that the world is flat. Hopefully, this loser runs into Kyrie Irving as he would be an automatic signature. Irving last year said, “The Earth is flat”… ” For what I’ve known for as many years, and what I’ve come to believe, what I’ve been taught, is that the Earth is round. But I mean if you really think about it from a landscape as the way we travel, the way we move and the fact that can you really think of us rotating around the sun and all planets aligned, rotating in specific dates, being perpendicular with what’s going on with these planets, and stuff like this.” Kyrie you convinced me, I need this loser to send me the petition so I can sign it.

6. Performing At A Stand Up Comedy Show Is Very Difficult When Your Not Prepared

The idea is to make the bottom of the league finisher perform at a stand-up comedy show. However, he thinks he will be fine because the other league members told him that they will come up with the jokes and present him with the piece of paper right before he goes up for his skit. Although little does this guy know they are going to give him a blank piece of paper. Hopefully, he is good on the spot or else this is going to get ugly very fast.

5. Going To College Formal With A Girl Who Is Chosen By The League

This only works if you’re still in college, but if you are it is ruthless. A group of college students are allowing the winner of the league to choose who the loser has to ask for his formal date. The winner is planning on making his buddy ask his ex-girlfriend after she broke up with him just a month ago because she was doing naughty stuff with another guy. This is going to be a very awkward moment for this kid and I am counting on her to say yes. (H/T My friend’s league)

4. Pay For A Brazzers Account For The Entire League

If your league is looking for a consequence where every league member is a winner then you must have your Sacko buy a subscription to a Brazzers account. This is a popular fantasy football consequence because you’re guaranteed a Brazzers account for however long your league lasts. The best part about this is that you can monitor what your friends are watching. We all know we have that one friend or family member in our leagues that watch animated porn but are afraid to admit it. Now they are caught.

3.Tailgating While Your Buddy Is Taking The ACT’s With A Bunch Of Teenagers

This is a classic consequence for fantasy football losers but never disappoints. This fantasy group takes it to the next step. A group of buddies in their early 30’s from Connecticut make their loser go take the Act’s on a Saturday morning in their hometown. The best part is the rest of the league members tailgate outside in the parking lot. Imagine sitting down for four hours and taking a test with a bunch of teenagers while knowing all your buddies are tailgating for this massive event. Of course, when the loser comes out of the test he has to be the designated driver so no brews for this guy. Maybe next year buddy and good luck on the test. (H/T Reddit)

2.The Loser Edition Of Sports Illustrated Body Issue Converted Into A Calendar

Every single guy out their loves the Sports Illustrated body issue. Therefore making your loser create his own body issue brings a lot of laughs to every other league member. This league is making their loser hire a professional photographer to take different angle body pictures so that he can make a calendar for all the league members counting down the days until the draft. I’m sure his wife won’t be too pleased about this news, however, if she really cared that much she could have helped her husband not be the worse in 2018.

1. Perform Your Entire Draft While Sitting On A Toilet Bowl Full Of The Leagues Poop

Finally, the best consequence for fantasy football goes to a group of guys who order a bunch of taco bell for their draft party. Their intention is that most of the members will need to drop a number 2 on the john. The loser must draft his team while sitting on the toilet seat after all league members are done with their business in the bathroom. Somehow this guy is expected to draft a better team than his squad the year before. Best of luck buddy and make sure the smell doesn’t distract you from taking the best defense in the first round. (H/T Reddit)