New Report Suggests Jeff Bezos Getting Ready To Place Bid On Commanders

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos attends an NFL game

Getty Image / Cooper Neill

Jeff Bezos is incredibly rich. The Amazon founder is currently the world’s third-richest man, according to Bloomberg, with a net worth of an estimated $114 billion.

Of course, he’s involved in more than just Amazon, which has grown from being an online bookseller to the world’s most valuable online retailer, valued at over $1.5 trillion dollars. He also owns the Washington Post, which is considered the national paper of record alongside the New York Times. And, he has big stakes in Google, Uber, AirBnB, and also owns Blue Origin, the space company.

One thing he does not own, however, is a sports franchise. Those, now more than ever, seem to be very attractive to the super rich. And, since Dan Snyder is exploring the sale of the Washington Commanders, it makes a lot of sense for Bezos. After all, he already owns the Washington Post, and he certainly has the money to buy the team. And, even before the team was for sale, he was linked to potentially being the next owner, something that Commanders fans would certainly be a fan of. Granted, anyone is better than Dan Snyder.

But, some rumors came out that Snyder didn’t want to sell to Bezos.

Here are some more details.

Meanwhile, Snyder nemesis Jeff Bezos recently signed a confidentiality agreement, signaling he may finally be allowed to enter the bidding process, sources close to Bezos told The Post. It was not clear whether Bezos inked the confidentiality pact with Snyder or the NFL.
Snyder had refused to allow the Amazon founder to bid on the team after the Bezos-owned Washington Post’s coverage exposed the alleged toxic management culture at the team — reports that helped fuel efforts to push Snyder out of the NFL.

No matter who buys the Commanders, it will be an upgrade over Snyder.