LaVar Ball Is Hoping A Line Of Bottled Water And Custom Rims Can Bring Big Baller Brand Back From The Dead

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It’s unclear if Lonzo Ball ever wanted his father to be his hype man but LaVar seized the opportunity to become his son’s Flavor Flav (minus the giant clock around his neck) when he burst onto the scene a few years ago and essentially boxed his oldest child out of the spotlight that was shined on him while establishing himself as a highly-touted NBA prospect at UCLA.

LaVar took advantage of his newfound fame (or, perhaps more accurately, infamy) by attempting to capitalize on the publicity and engage in some good, old-fashioned American capitalism in the form of Big Baller Brand, which generated an insane amount of buzz by selling signature shoes that had a tendency to disintegrate for insanely high prices, which may have played a factor in only 210 pairs being sold.

Big Baller Brand also ran into a slight problem in the form of co-founder Alan Foster, who was sued for stealing $1.5 million from the company and promptly found himself at the center of an FBI investigation.

Last October, it looked like BBB was officially dead but it didn’t take long for LaVar to come out and say he was hitting it with a defibrillator to bring it back bigger and more baller than ever before (although it appears he’s allowing the miserable failure that was the JBA to flatline).

At the time, LaVar declined to say exactly how he was planning to revitalize his aspiring business empire but he recently spoke with TMZ alongside fellow Basketball Dads Master P and Metta World Peace to reveal what the world can expect from Big Baller Brand in 2020 and, well, it’s certainly an interesting strategy.

During the discussion, Ball revealed he’ll be supplementing the company’s apparel line with bottled water emblazoned with the Big Baller Brand name in addition to tires and custom rims, which will hopefully hold up better under wear and tear than the Z02s did.

LaVar also said the world will soon get to tune into a cartoon called Mission: Impossiball (get it?), which he says is a show inspired by Charlie’s Angels where he tasks his three sons with carrying out various missions (assuming they choose to accept them).

It sounds like a mission that’s even bolder than the one the Average Joes harnessed during their championship game against Globo Gym in Dodgeball but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if it pays off.

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