Bills’ Mafia Suffers First Loss Of Season–Failing To Body Slam Santa Through A Table

by 3 years ago


Tough showing for the Bills Mafia today. Sure their collective blood alcohol level could have killed a large African village, but we’ve come to expect more from Buffalo’s finest–we’ve come to expect the worst. In the best kind of way.

Week 5 Bills Mafia would have slammed this Santa back to the North Pole, week 13 Bills Mafia has tasted too much success, they’ve become too complacent at the top. A symptom all too common with consistent dominance.

If there are any Bills fans with some fire left in their bellies, find this Santa, or any Santa, and body slam the fuck out of him. I don’t care if he’s taking pictures with kids at the mall who still believe. Every true cause needs a signature sacrifice.

P.S. Don’t really kill your local Santa. The fact that I have to remind Bills fans of this should tell the entire story.

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