Artist Designs Special ‘Blackout’ Uniforms For Every NFL Team And They Are Straight Fire

One thing sports fans certainly love is alternative uniforms, hats, helmets, logos, whatever, especially when they are created by talented artists.

Whether it’s football uniforms done up in the theme of NBA teams or just NBA team jerseys done better, these graphic designers always seem to create better-looking products than what the various professional sports leagues actually use.

Today we have yet another talented graphic artist, 247Sports Director of Creative Services Ted Hyman, who has designed some of his own alternative NFL uniforms, this time in a “blackout” scheme, and once again they are as good as, if not better than, the uniforms currently worn by all 32 NFL teams.

Check out a sampling of his creations below…

The Dallas Cowboys, America’s Team, in black? Seems long overdue to me.

The Jest, I mean Jets, may not be winners, but if they wore black they might at least look good losing.

Yes, the Tennessee Titans are still in the NFL. The league’s most ignored franchise might actually get some merchandising love with this sleek black look.

(See the Jets, New York description above.)

This just looks freaking badass. Chiefs colors mixed with black? Love it.


View all 32 teams’ alternative “blackout” uniform designs at

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