Booger McFarland Used A Weird Bikini Analogy To Break Down Stats And People Were Seriously Confused

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Prior to the start of this year’s NFL season, ESPN revealed it would be switching things up on Monday Night Football by putting Jason Witten and Joe Tessitore into the booth.

Witten was tapped to take over color commentary duties after Joe Gruden decided to take his “talents” to Oakland in a move that’s worked out for basically zero people involved.

The former tight end got off to a rough start during the preseason and is seemingly encased in rust he’s been unable to shake off. He’s repeatedly caught flack from viewers for doing things like comparing Saquon Barkley to O.J. Simpson and refusing to let people forget the Eagles booed Santa that one time a million years ago.

It’s never a good sign when someone makes a compilation of all of your dumbass comments before the season has even ended.

People were thrilled to hear the Cowboys were trying to get Witten to unretire but he was still in the booth during last night’s broadcast, where he continued his impressive streak of idiotic comments by saying Cam Newton is good at running after the catch.

However, Witten isn’t the only member of the MNF crew who has a penchant for making interesting comments during games, as Booger McFarland has shown he’s capable of making people scratch their heads while floating along the sidelines on his magic desk— like the time he admitted he peed his pants during games back in his playing days.

I guess you can consider him Miles Davis.

During last night’s MNF matchup, McFarland also shared his thoughts on Newton while analyzing the stats and compared them to a bikini, implying they show a whole lot but not the entire picture.

It’s actually a pretty solid analogy when you think about it but some people weren’t totally on board.

I guess you can’t please everyone.

In related news, ESPN is reportedly bringing back the current squad for next season so I’m sure there are plenty more comments like these to come.

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