Minnesota Is Officially Irrelevant After Bowling Green’s Cheer Squad Flexed All Over Midfield

Bowling Green University Minnesota Cheer Squad Flexing


  • Minnesota took the most embarrassing loss of the year to Bowling Green and it only got worse.
  • After the game, the Falcons cheer team flexed all over the midfield logo.
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Bowling Green was 31.5-point underdogs at the University of Minnesota on Saturday. The Falcons entered the game 1-2 with a blowout loss to Tennessee and a three-point loss to South Alabama.

There was simply no reason that they should have been in the game against the Golden Gophers. Especially on the road.

And yet, behind only two touchdowns, Bowling Green pulled the upset and defeated Minnesota 14-10. Biiiiiiiiiig yikes.

Look at Bowling Green’s stats:

  • Passing:
    • QB Matt McDonald — 19/35, 170 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT
  • Rushing:
    • QB Matt McDonald — 9 carries, -7 yards, 2 TD
    • RB Jhaylin Embry — 6 carries, 18 yards
    • RB Jaison Patterson — 7 carries 13 yards
    • RB Jamal Johnson — 1 carry, 2 yards

The Falcons totaled just 192 yards on the day, converted only three of 14 third down attempts… and WON THE GAME!

To make things even funnier, look at how this game ended. It started with this absurd punt:

Minnesota proceeded to throw an interception after the chaotic , but Bowling Green couldn’t get a first down so the Gophers got the ball back. And then they threw another interception to lose.

For such an embarrassing loss to go down how it did is going to be a very tough pill to swallow for those in Minneapolis. Even though they are playing without their star running back, it really couldn’t have gone any worse.

Until it did.

After the game, the Falcons cheer squad danced on the grave of the Gophers by flexing all over the midfield logo.

College football is the gift that keeps on giving and Bowling Green, Ohio is about to go wild.

Can one even go crazy in Bowling Green, Ohio? Is that a thing?